Due to circumstances way beyond our control we have been forced to close the TBC 

We wish to thank all the Bands who have given us many special evenings entertainment over the years

But a special vote of thanks goes to all the Blues Loving TBC fans who have supported us



Our intention is to make the True Blues Club one of the “Premier” venues in the North West.With the hard work and dedication putting the club together we hope you will agree and come and join us for many entertaining nights to come.

Company Overview

Having a love for live blues music can sometimes be a personal thing. Many friends and colleagues cannot understand what you are talking about when you start singing the praises of “last nights band” until they attend their first “Blues Gig” and are suddenly hooked themselves. Graham had this problem until he took Steve to see ‘Paul Lamb and The King Snakes’ a few years ago and boy was Steve hooked. Their love for Live Blues Music has seen them travel all over the North West and beyond to various venues where they have seen a range of blues music where most was to their taste.


A “Chicago Style Blues Lounge” in the North West!


The “True Blues Brothers”!